Sing Along Sunday – Call It Off by Tegan and Sara

This post is inspired my friend’s recent quest to be more vulnerable. Vulnerability, especially in love, is something that shouldn’t ever be viewed as a weakness. It is a vital part of any relationship, and something that we should all try to have in our lives.

Maybe I would have been 
Something you’d be good at 
Maybe you would have been 
Something I’d be good at 

I’ll just come right out and say it. I LOVE Tegan and Sara. I couldn’t tell you how many nights I fell asleep in my bunk on tour listening to them sing. Some of their songs made me feel like they’d broken into my soul and written about the things they saw in my heart. This is one of them. There was a boy who came into my life out of nowhere It was one of those instant connections where you can just be yourself and you don’t have to hide any of your insecurities. We were both at very strange places in our lives, and there was a strict time limit on us being together. One day he told me to listen to the album that this song was from, and this song in particular felt like it had stabbed me in the guts. (Awesome visual, right?)

It hurt. A Lot. I could see the heartbreak coming a mile away, and I did nothing to stop it. Looking back, I think I let myself fall into it on purpose just to see if I could still feel. He taught me a lot about myself, and made me feel brave again. I’d suffered a huge heartbreak, and built up so many walls that I didn’t know how to get them back down again. He let me be vulnerable in as controlled an environment as you could get. It was vulnerability with a guaranteed fail at the end and I did it anyway because it was worth it.

Thank you, boy who will remain nameless. And thank you Tegan and Sara. All three of you fixed my heart (temporarily, at least) even though you hurt it at the same time.

Life and Times

Lately I have been…

Part horse, part bike

Loving the craziness of this city. People aren’t afraid to be themselves, and aren’t afraid of having fun. Sometimes, this means turning your bicycle into a part carousel horse, part bike hybrid. I’m super jealous of whoever owns this awesomeness.

Hamlet's new shirtTaking full advantage of having a dog small enough to dress up in fancy clothes. This is Hamlet’s newest t-shirt. I found it on on eBay, still had the tags and it was only $4! He doesn’t seem to mind being made to wear t-shirts, so I’m going to see if I can find a few more. One of his best dog pals (who was Milo’s best pal too) wears Saints shirts all the time so maybe I’ll find Hammy a matching one!

Sigur RosI won tickets to see Sigur Ros through our local newspaper, and they were SO good. I’m not ashamed to admit that I got teary-eyed when they played Hoppipolla. It reminds me of home, and it’s such an emotional song. A few bars into it, someone in the crowd started blowing bubbles. It was beautiful.

Salted Caramel and Tabitha eclairsWorking my way through the new eclair menu at Sucré. These are the Salted Caramel and Tabitha eclairs. Yes, the Tabitha is named after me. And it’s super yummy. It consists of a fruity-tea flavoured pastry cream and a blackberry jam. SO good.

Beached Banana eclairI wasn’t kidding when I said I was working my way through the menu. This one is the Beached Banana, which is best described as tasting like banana pudding with a swirl of passion fruit through it. Again, this one is so yummy. And I usually hate banana-flavoured things! We’re almost half way through our month of eclairs, so I need to step up my game if I want to try all of them before they go away!


What do you think about changing the flavours of something so classic? What other classic pastry offering would you switch up, and what would you make?




Sing Along Sunday – We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together by Jimmy Eat World

I’ve been on a bit of a Jimmy Eat World kick this weekend. They’re playing the House of Blues here on October 5th, and I would love to go but I hate that Live Nation’s fees are so excessive. Just the ticketing fee is an extra $10. So I probably won’t go, which makes me pretty sad.

I’ve seen them live a bunch of times, thanks to seemingly always knowing at least one person on their crew who would offer to put me on the guestlist. I hate asking for tickets or passes to shows, mainly because I hated it when people asked me for it whenever I was on tour.

I digress. I love this cover because it sounds like it should be a Jimmy song thanks to the arrangement. I hate it when a band covers a song and doesn’t change anything. I have a bunch of cover albums in my iTunes, and this is definitely one of my new favourites! I also really like how as the guys in the band have gotten older their sound has evolved a bit with them. Whenever bands change there are always going to be some fans that label them as sellouts, but I think that it’s wrong to expect a band to not change as they get older. I definitely dress differently now compared to five years ago, and listen to different music.

What’s your favourite cover version of a song? And how have your musical tastes changed as you’ve gotten older?

Life and Times

Without really meaning it to, this became mostly a product review blog over the last few weeks. This was never my intention with this blog, but given the circumstances (new job, then another new job, then two animals dying within two months) it was pretty hard to stay creative. So here is the very briefest of catch ups for you all while I work on getting Glitter In The Quarter back up and running. Again.

Hamlet RunningFirst up, this is Hamlet!! He’s a dachshund, of course. We adopted him from a kill shelter a few weeks ago and he’s pretty awesome. I keep meaning to write a post about him but napping on the couch with him is more fun than typing. Haha. Our dog walker took this photo of him when they went for a run. Shout out to Kelly at Pet au Pair of New Orleans!

Apartment - Haunted!

Apartment - Not Haunted!

Only in New Orleans does the haunted apartment get snapped up before the apartment that isn’t haunted. Both of these are on the same street in the Quarter, about three blocks apart, and the one marked haunted was sold in a matter of days.

Washing Away The DieselWe have had SO MUCH RAIN in the last few weeks. We’re four months into hurricane season here in Louisiana, and we haven’t had a single hurricane. We had a few big storms, but that’s about it. And I’m fine with that. The season officially ends on November 30th, but it really doesn’t feel like we’re going to get anything bigger than storms. Famous last words?

The EclairsAnd finally, look what we’ve been working on at Sucré! Twelve different eclairs, that will only be available during the month of October. They are all delicious and amazing, even the banana flavour that I thought I wouldn’t like. And one of them is named after ME! Yep, in amongst those is an eclair called Tabitha. I am so excited for everyone to taste them. Everyone in the kitchen has been working so hard on these, and I’m hoping that maybe we’ll keep some of them after October. A girl can dream.

I asked the Sucré Twitter followers today what flavour they would make their dream eclair, and what they would call it, so I’m putting the same question to you guys! I already know what flavour the Tabitha would be. Haha.


Product Review and Giveaway: Jammy Jams – Once Upon This Rock

Kids music is awesome. I’m not ashamed to admit it. My iTunes has albums like If You Ever See An Owl by The Terrible Twos, the LazyTown soundtrack and Me Like Me You Like You by Nickella Dee. And no, I don’t have a secret child somewhere that justifies me owning these. I just like them!

Jammy Jams is, in their own words, a “fun, modern twist on lullabies for parents who strive to create memories with their little ones while teaching them a thing or two about their own style”. Their albums cover genres from Hair Metal to Hip-Hop, and they even have an album that is just lullaby versions of Lady Gaga songs.

JammyJams Once Upon This Rock front

The album Jammy Jams sent me is called Once Upon This Rock, and is supposedly an album of Christian Rock songs. However, you will probably recognise quite a few of the tracks as popular releases that made it to on the commercial Top 40. I’m more familiar with artists like Charlie Hall and Kari Jobe, so if you’re into the Rock side of Christian music then you’ll definitely recognise more of these than I did.

JammyJams Once Upon This Rock back

My favourite was How To Save A Life, mainly because I really like the full version of that song so I was singing along to it in my head. They are all gentle little lullabies that you could have playing in the background while you get your kids off to sleep, or have on in the car while you’re driving them around. Equally, it’s nice for grown ups just to have some passive music that doesn’t require too much attention and doesn’t have words so you won’t be singing along and losing your concentration on whatever it is that you’re doing. I had it playing while I caught up on some blog reading the other day and didn’t even realise that I’d played the whole album until it suddenly stopped. If you’re familiar with Christian Rock music then you’ll probably know a lot more of the songs, and your children may even recognise them from being played during worship.

You can listen to the songs on each album when you visit their website, so I listened to a few on other albums. I loved their version of Deee-Lite’s Groove Is In The Heart! And Flo Rida’s Whistle suddenly seems so child-friendly! As well as being able to listen on their website, Jammy Jam’s also has a YouTube channel. The Jammy Jams Facebook page is regularly updated with pictures and product info, and right now there’s a link to an interview with the mastermind behind it all on there.

There’s even cool clothing to go along with the albums, so your kid can rock their favourite band shirt too! I love this one, which you can buy on the Jammy Jams online store:

Go The Duck To Sleep

Jammy Jams very kindly sent me both a download link for the album and a copy of the CD, so I’ve decided to share and give away the CD! There are a bunch of ways to get entries, and the giveaway will end at midnight on October 4th. For the sake of legal issues, this is actually a sweepstake. It is also only open to US residents, sorry. No purchase necessary. See widget for full Terms and Conditions.

I’m aware that it takes a while for the Rafflecopter entry form to load below, so please be patient.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Throwback Thursday: Daffodil

Daffodil sat IN her bowlHoney Badger sat IN her bowl


Today is a sad edition of Throwback Thursday. The photograph at the top is of Daffodil, and the photograph at the bottom is of Honey Badger. I meant to post these a while ago, because I thought it was really funny that after I gave them yoghurt they both were so excited that they sat IN their bowls to get to it. I hadn’t mentioned Daffodil on here before, but she was a rescue rat that our Vet Tech had adopted. We took her in just over a month ago because her owner could no longer keep her after owning her for 2 years.

She was obviously very old, and was nearing the end of her time, but she became a little younger when she was around Honey Badger. Honey Badger would chase her around and then they’d groom each other. They would sleep in the same hammock, and snuggle in their little house together. It was obviously nice for both of them to have someone to hang out with.

We had to put Daffodil to sleep today, because she’d been having trouble breathing and the vet thought that she was in too much distress. Once again, I didn’t get to say goodbye to my pet before they died. Once again, a  pet was taken to the vet for a check-up and never came home. I have had to deal with the loss of a pet twice in two months, and it really isn’t something I care to repeat any time soon.

I had a little cry when I came home from work. I took Honey Badger upstairs and let her run around while I told her I was sorry that I’d given her a friend and then taken it away again. When I was younger I always had little animals that didn’t live very long. You know it about them when you get them, and I was even more aware when we got Daffodil that we probably wouldn’t have her for longer than a few months. I just didn’t think that it would be this soon.

Rest in peace, Daffodil. I will always love thinking about how you’d dive face first into your yoghurt, and how much you adored grapes. I hope Milo was there at the Rainbow Bridge to greet you.

Throwback Thursday: Dirty Dime Peepshow

Throwback Thursday: Dirty Dime Peepshow


This was taken at last month’s Dirty Dime Peepshow at Allways Lounge. If you’re not from the area, let me enlighten you. The Dirty Dime Peepshow is a super fun burlesque show produced my BFF Bella Blue. (Who you can see standing behind me. Yes, she’s naked.)

I love this photo because I’m quite happily sat on the edge of the stage, having just spent the last few hours selling raffle tickets to audience members. I am apparently completely ignorant to both the photographer and Bella’s nakedness. Although maybe at this point I’m so used to both that they’re just familiar surroundings…

Product Review: THERA°PEARL Knee Wrap

You may remember a while back, THERA°PEARL sent me a Back Wrap to review. The recently asked if bloggers would like to review another item, and I chose the Knee Wrap so Mr Glitter would quit getting jealous of all the things I get in mail. He is complaining about his knees hurting, so I thought that maybe this would give him a bit of relief.

THERAPEAL Knee Wrap BoxIt came in a very similar box to the last one, only on this box is has the very impressive endorsement of being an Officially Licensed Product of the NFLPA. The wrap is 14 in x 10.25 in, with a good quality elasticated velcro strap so that you can move around while it’s on and still keep it nice and secure.

THERAPEARL Knee WrapAs you can see, it comes with a hole in the middle so that it can be snug around your knee. It seems pretty comfortable, and doesn’t feel too heavy or stiff. The pack itself is quite large, so I’m sure it’s better suited to males, and women with larger knees caps. (Myself included. Seriously, my knees are huge.)

THERAPEARL Knee Wrap sittingThis is the wrap around his knee while he’s sat down with his leg up. See, huge! As with all THERA°PEARL’s products, this can be frozen or heated up. I like to heat up my Back Wrap, but Mr Glitter liked freezing this.

THERAPEARL Knee Wrap standing

This is it wrapped around while he’s standing up. As you can see, it slips down a little bit but not a huge amount. I felt that the Back Wrap held it’s temperature very well, but I mostly wore it while I was sat down with my back up against the couch. Mr Glitter felt that this didn’t hold the cold very well, and he kept refreezing it. Although, as THERA°PEARL will tell you, you should only ice or heat the area for 20 minutes and then take a break for 20 minutes so I don’t think there was much loss there.

He felt that it would have held the cold if it had been thicker or had more pearls inside. I think we might try experimenting by wrapping it with some towel after it’s wrapped around his knee. Unfortunately, I think he might be a bit too old school to ever use anything other than frozen peas.

Overall I, personally, was very happy with the quality of the product. I occasionally get knee problems too courtesy of my years of dancing, so when my knee starts playing up again I will be giving it a try. Thankfully for me, it hasn’t hurt in a while, but it means I haven’t been able to test this out for myself!

If you’d like to check out some other THERA°PEARL product reviews, take a look on THERA°PEARL’s Facebook. You can also stay up to date by visiting THERA°PEARL’s Twitter or Google+ profiles. Have a look at their Pinterest for some great ideas for keeping your joints healthy, as well as a very funny and useful “Proper Use of Peas” board.

Thanks THERA°PEARL for sending me another product to review. I have a feeling that this well be used by me a lot more than Mr Glitter. It’s okay, he can keep his peas and I’ll keep this for myself…

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Sing Along Sunday – Lean Like A Cholo

I felt like having a fun song this weekend. On most of the tours I’ve worked on, we’ve had a preset playlist of music that is played as the audience is walking into the venue, and during the changeover between bands. Sometimes the tracks are by artists on the same record label as the headline, sometimes it’s stuff that the artist likes, and sometimes it’s just stuff that the Front Of House guy has on his iPod.

This song was on the changeover playlist on the first Katy Perry tour I worked on. I’d never heard it before that tour, and I don’t think I ever heard it again afterwards. I guess it didn’t get released in the UK or it wasn’t that popular. I’m pretty sure Down wasn’t on Katy’s label, and I don’t think it’s something Teagan would have had on his iPod, so I guess it was just something she liked!

It’s not just a sing along song, this time it’s a dance along song too. I challenge you to try and make it to at least the first chorus without bobbing your head up and down. You already failed, didn’t you?

Product Review: Corset Chick

Corset Chick put out a call for people to review one of their corsets and, well, how does a girl say no to a free corset?! I got to choose any corset on their website that was under $30, so I chose this Cheetah Print Corset which came in at $23.99.

Corset Chick - Cheetah Print

I liked it because it said that it was made out of cotton, with the lining even being 100% organic cotton. I’ve worn corsets for shows before, and some have been really scratchy so I thought that it would be nice to have something made out of a comfortable material.

Corset Chick has a sizing chart on their website, and a measuring page that tells you which part of your waist you should measure. I don’t have the biggest boobies or waist in the world, so I went with a small. They also said that their corsets come up a little smaller than typical US sizes, so although the small said it was for US sizes 2-4 I felt confident that this would fit.

Corset Chick - Front

When it arrived, the first thing I noticed was the material definitely didn’t feel like cotton. The inside felt like it could maybe be a cotton blend, but the outside was like nylon. So I checked the label and was disappointed to read that the label said “90% Polyester, 10% Spandex”. I knew it was probably a bit far-fetched to expect a $24 corset to be made from organic cotton, but I at least expected the label to say cotton!

I will say that it seems to be very well made. The boning is sewn in pretty well, unlike some I’ve had where the bones have threatened to burst through their casing. The metal clasps are very sturdy, and you don’t have to dislocate a finger to do them up. There is a panel of matching fabric at the back to cover any skin that might show through underneath the ribbon ties, and the ribbon itself is more than long enough.

Corset Chick - Back

I was going to post a photograph of me wearing it, but when tried it on it was far too big around my boobies. I was rather disappointed about this, but then what should I expect when all the models on the site have DDs?! The Corset Chick rep did say that they would try to help us exchange anything that didn’t fit, but honestly I figured that if the corset especially marked as small didn’t fit me then there wasn’t much hope for anything else fitting.

This hasn’t put me off using Corset Chick in the future, as their pricing is very reasonable and they have some really cute things like this Black Tiered Chiffon Burlesque Skirt, and this Black Knee Length Petticoat that would look great under one of my dresses. I will probably do a bit of alteration to this corset to make it fit, and add some shoulder straps with some thick black ribbon so I have something to keep it up!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.