Patois Brunch: King Cake Bread Pudding

Last weekend I went to Patois for brunch with some friends, and I have to show you what I had for dessert!

Patois: King Cake Bread Pudding

 It’s a mini bread pudding made with King Cake! It’s topped with Creole Cream Cheese ice-cream, with tiny little white chocolate beads and a strawberry compote. There’s even a little surprise inside!

It has the same consistency of a bread pudding, just on a much smaller scale so you get a mix of the golden crust and the squidgy centre with every bite. The strawberry compote is perfect, not too sweet and has a very fresh taste which isn’t surprising given that they’re locally grown in Ponchatoula.

Here’s my insiders tip; order a side of their white chocolate ice-cream too, it tastes great with the strawberry compote. Plus, you know, you can never have too much ice-cream…

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