Valentine’s at IHOP

As mentioned in my post yesterday, my hot date night for Valentine’s was at IHOP! I LOVE pancakes, and frequently make them at home. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, anytime really. Of course, it’s always better when someone else makes dinner and there’s no washing up afterwards!

My “usual” is the Grain ‘N Nut Combo, minus the banana and plus some hash browns. Have you ever had their Grain ‘N Nut pancakes? They’re so good, plus everything on their Simple & Fit menu is under 600 calories. Of course, when it’s date night you’re allowed a little blow out. Which is why last night I ordered the Red Velvet Pancake and Eggs Combo.

Yep, red velvet pancakes! And they come with cream cheese frosting. They’re one of those “back by popular demand” items, and I really hope that there’s enough of a demand for them to stick around. You get two in a stack, which was the perfect amount. I think if it came with three then I wouldn’t have been able to finish the scrambled eggs and hash browns that I also ordered. The frosting is thicker than syrup, so the whipped topping was good for getting full coverage on both pancakes. They didn’t need any of the extra syrups that IHOP puts on your table, but I’m sure if you really wanted to add something then the strawberry syrup would have gone well with the cream cheese flavour.

Valentine's at IHOP - Red Velvet PancakesRed Velvet Pancakes


I love that they don’t have that weird aftertaste that red velvet foods sometimes have. I’ve bought red velvet cake from a grocery store before and it tasted so bad I couldn’t finish it. But these tasted just like I expected them to; red velvet in a pancake! The cream cheese frosting was amazing, and again tasted just how you’d expect the frosting on a red velvet cake to taste like, only drizzled on a pancake.

I’m guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m in love with a pancake. I’m already trying to think of an excuse for why Brett and I need to go there again next week just so I can keep the demand up and they stay on the menu.

Also, shout out to our great server Patrick! He was attentive, didn’t laugh when my klutz of a boyfriend spilled an entire glass of water over the table, wished us a happy Valentine’s day and was all-round awesome.

Yay for a great Valentine’s date!

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